Symmetry Mandalas
Eternal Mandala #3 It starts with the circle; whole and complete. In meditation, I draw a pattern idea repeatedly around the circle. Often a whole new pattern emerges, as if a gift for taking the time to encircle the pattern. With the symmetry mandalas comes a message, inspirational poem, or affirmation. The words usually come while either drawing the mandalas or while coloring/painting them.
Asymmetry Mandalas
"Cosmic Sundae" Mandala After seven years of exploring symmetry mandalas, it occurred to me to break out of the structure of symmetry and explore asymmetry. Like the symmetry mandalas, it starts with the circle; whole and complete. In meditation, with little, if any, forethought, I draw whatever I see in my mind’s eye or whatever jumps out at me on the blank paper. Usually it begins with a simple idea and then grows as if drawing itself. The true essence of this mandala style comes when coloring/painting; taking a unstructured drawing and bringing it to life with color, texture and dimension.
Hyperbolic Tessellation Mandalas
"Garden Delight" Mandala In July 2009 I visited the MC Escher exhibit at the Portland Art Museum (Oregon). Seeing MC Escher’s Circle Limit IV (Angels & Demons) blew me away. However, I was even more intrigued by the graph system he used to help him create it. After a few months of research I was able to create my own graph which allows me to create mandalas as if they were on a sphere. As with the Symmetry Mandalas, I start with a simple pattern idea, tessellate it around the hyperbolic plane which often generates at least two new unforeseen patterns.

What is a Mandala?

"The Mandala is Us, a reflection of our Inner Soul, our Inner Beauty, and our Inner Knowingness. It represents our connection to Source, to Love; it represents our perfection as spiritual beings.

As part of our journey of self discovery in human form, we strive to raise our vibration such that this Inner Experience fully expresses itself in our everyday outer world.

The mandala provides the map, like a spiritual GPS, guiding us along the way."

-- Maiah

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